We have a few customers who enjoy sharing pictures of their projects for which we supplied them materials. We are pleased to showcase some of these projects so click through and enjoy. Sometimes you will see pictures of employees repairing a toilet, faulty light fixture and even changing out hydraulic hoses on the forklifts. We are open for anything here at Kemah Hardware
                                              curved wall upstairs curve cut out of floor to place stairs      
  living room kitchen back to front of condo                    
hall-kitchen area wall          
wood,glue,stain,sandpaper cedar boards laminate flooring minwax stains, wood sealers plywood, flooring t-g sexy girls with girls for hardware
Eduardo and Travis moving the trim and hardwoods Blank space we are happy to fill up clearing area for long handle tools foundation for hardwoods and trim progress clean wall first section discussing steps for moving bins   almost complete clearing the bins out so they can be moved bins are empty and ready to be moved out to the front getting product ready to place back in bins bins are stuck but the guys came through in the end. pipe room is getting there close to being finished got it figured out rearranging pipe room after removing galv. fittings completed the move of galv. fittings redoing a shelf for exhaust hose making room for exhaust hose Eduardo can work a hammer Travis has important job holding the ladder for Eduardo clearing the aisle for plumbing fittings
Jeff is hard at it               we cant find anything                                                                                                                              


Boat Hoist USA, Boat Lift, Marine Products - Kemah Hardware

Boat Hoist USA

When you need Boat Hoist USA equipment, call on Kemah Hardware, or stop on in.

Brass Hardware, fittings, nails, hinges, nuts, bolts, pipe, washers - Kemah Hardware

Brass Hardware

When you need Brass fittings, nails, hinges, nuts, bolts, pipe, washers or any other brass hardware, come in to Kemah Hardware.

cold galvanized brush-spray - kemah hardware

Cold Galvanizing

cold galvanized brush on and spray on available at Kemah Hardware

Do you have a project that needs electrical supplies?

Electrical Supply

Do you need Electrical switches-knobs-buttons-wire-cable-sockets-connectors-conduit-boxes-switches-voltage-fuses-shore power-extension cords-lights-bulbs-fixtures-breakers-clamps-ground rod-splices-20amp-30amp-50amp-converters-50amp plug-Kemah Hardware i

Mahogany, Red Oak, Teak, Maple, Poplar,  Holly - Kemah Hardware

Exotic Woods

When you need Mahogany, Red Oak, Teak, Maple, Poplar, Teak- Holly come to Kemah Hardware.

Fiberglass, Fiberglass Resins, Fiberglass Tape, Fiberglass Products - Kemah Hardware


When you need Fiberglass, Fiberglass Resins, Fiberglass Tape, Fiberglass Products, call Kemah Hardware.

Galvanized Products

Galvanized Products

When you need galvanized products such as nails, screws, hinges, nuts, bolts, bulkhead tie rods, and tide risers for boats call on Kemah Hardware and Supply, or come on in and let us help you find what you need.

Gasket Material

Gasket Material

Do you need gasket material stop by kemah hardware. We have neoprene, rubber, hatch, and garlock gasket material in stock at kemah hardware.

Hydraulic hose manufacturing, hydraulic hoses, hydraulics, hydraulic fittings - Kemah Hardware

Hydraulic Hoses

If you need Hydraulic hose manufacturing, hydraulic hoses, hydraulics, hydraulic fittings, come in to Kemah Hardware and let our knowledgeable friendly staff help you with your hydraulic needs.

Lumber yards, marine grade lumber, treated lumber, lumber supply - Houston Area Lumber Companies


When you need marine grade plywood, treated lumber, yellow pine, square timbers, and array of round pilings, pressed wood, or just about anything cut from a tree, call on Kemah Hardware and Supply.

marine exhaust hose

Marine Exhaust Hose

marine hose - marine fittings- marine discharge- anything marine see kemah hardware

House paints and stains


Do you need help with paint Kemah Hardware should be your first stop in the Clear Lake Texas area.interior-exterior-porch-sealants-house paint at Kemah Hardware

do u need plumbing parts? pvc-galvanized-brass-stainless-cpvc

Plumbing Supply

pvc-brass-stainless-cpvc-galvanized plumbing fittings and pipe

screws, hinges, hooks, nuts, bolts, nails, fittings, stainless steel hardware - Kemah Hardware

Stainless Steel

When you need screws, hinges, hooks, nuts, bolts, nails, fittings, or other stainless steel hardware, come to Kemah Hardware.

Do you need zincs for your boat? If you need zincs come to Kemah Hardware we can help you.


boat zincs used on boats small zincs, large zincs, special zincs. We can special order and have within a few days delivered to your location from Kemah Hardware.